Equals Masturbation

I was once asked to choose between good sex with an average emotional connection and really, really bad sex with a fantastic emotional connection. I chose the former because I believe that bad sex eventually leads to a bad emotional connection. Bad sex for a female probably doesn’t mean the same thing for men who typically do not have to worry as much about being raped (although there are numerous male victims of assault, but generally speaking…)

If you ask someone this question, and s/he goes with the second choice…RUN. Most likely, this person is either terrible in bed, asexual, or simply has no clue as to how to define “bad sex.”

Anyway, I decided to satirize this question, purposed to reveal individual values pertaining to relationships. Sometimes, you’re better off going solo.


Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Today I received an email notifying me that my art work was accepted into the 10th Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival (Here). Although my work has been featured in various exhibitions, this festival is a big breakthrough for me and is the most prestigious exhibition I have ever been accepted into. Below are a few images of the type of work I made throughout last year. You can find the entire series on my other websites: Spotted Beast Studios or Tiffany L. Pascal Art

I hope this show will assist me in receiving more attention as well as future opportunities to exhibit my work.

Oh, and by the way, my 2011 Feminizing the Binary series is comprised of hyenas. If you want to know why (other than the fact that hyenas are awesome), read my Artist’s Statement

Summer Love (Between Hyenas)

This image is one of the few that depict Charlie initiating something physically romantic. Usually Fida is the active partner and perhaps is too much for Charlie from time to time.

As a digital work, this one is my strongest so far.

Fuck the Laws of Nature: Hyenas can Skateboard!

Until summer, I plan to make illustrations of Hyena Fida and friends (oooh, that sounded cheesy). Currently, I don’t have time to make hyena comics as they require lots of time not only to execute but to brainstorm as well. Lately, I just don’t have very many ideas. I guess I need another crappy relationship.

Hyenas Sleeping in the Shade

Cheesy as this image is, it’s really an experiment with masks and patterns in Photoshop.

The Hyena Queen’s Boyfriend

I’ve been doing “artwork” for HyenaZine as opposed to finished comics lately. I realize that making cover pages and offical art for the series is important for advertising and promotion. Plus, it’s fun.

Check out my DeviantArt page:
Loto the Trickster’s Page

Digital Fida

I haven’t been working on Fida comics lately as I have other pursuits currently. However, as of late, I’ve found myself playing around with vectors and digital art. Fida was originally a vector-based character in Flash; then I translated her into a watercolor and graphite comic; now I’m attempting to create some attractive digital imagery with Fida.